'makes my dick hard; 'get off on people's suffering and seein' the look of fear on their face, y'know?

'scared lil' ol' me might stab you with my fork? Or are 'ya scared I might slice your carotid artery with a rusty switchblade?

That’s just sick, you ever though of getting treated for your behavior? Or even a psychiatrist because that’s not one bit healthy.

I would say afraid, just not here to deal with you trying to kill me. After all, this is suppose to be a vacation. The last thing I should worry about is getting shanked.


This should be a lot’a fun. ‘member all them good times of my hounds and I beatin’ the shit outta ‘ya?

'might make 'em happen again, 'pecially since I've been ticked.

Lucky motherfucker, huh?

Yeah, a lot of fun for a man like yourself. I remember it all, quite vividly if that makes you satisfied.

But no worries, you can keep the room. I don’t plan on dealing with your episodes or your torture.

Oh boy, I went from rooming with a beautiful lady to a mentally disturbed man. Just my luck.

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I guess I accept your apology? But you’re pushing it, trust me when I say you don’t want to be on my bad side. We’re not but I’m no different than any other woman here.

Glad you do, or you think you do. It works with me. I bet your bad side is hot, so you have no idea if I want to see it or not. You’re Nicole, that makes you plenty different.


Right, honesty is nice as long as it’s not creepy. Uhm, there’s a lot of females who try sir. And I’m positive, because I’ll be sure to prevent it.

Well I apologize, if I sound creepy. Yeah, well I don’t really care for the other girls because we’re not really talking about them are we? Oh, is that so? We’ll see how long you can try to prevent anything.


Yeah, you better be joking cause me having a bad headache isn’t okay. No, not really. Just woke up with a headache, don’t know what the deal is.

Of course, I am. A beautiful face like yours shouldn’t be suffering. Oh is that how it happened? You probably woke up too quick, at least that’s how some people obtain sudden headaches.


Excuse me..? For your information, I can do more just didn’t. Sorry to crush your dreams, but you won’t be.

What, I was just being honest. Anyone would want to see that, I’m sure. I wasn’t doubting you either, but it’s nice to know there’s a female who tries. And don’t say that, you never know what can happen.


I have the worst headache ever. Man, why me?

Better you than anyone else, right? Only joking, there something on your mind?


Um, alright? It was around 150, for squats and deadlift.

Not bad, for a female. I’m just saying, I wouldn’t have mind to see you all sweaty.

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